We become more like Jesus as we draw close to Him. Because each of us are uniquely made, we all have different pathways to connect with God. What’s yours? Explore here and find out.


1. Contemplative Pathway

People with contemplative pathway love being in solitude and in silence. They feel God’s presence the most when distractions and noises are removed. Leave them alone with a Bible, a good book, a poem, or a journal and they feel energized and most connected to God.

2. Creation Pathway

People with creation pathway have a passionate ability to connect with God when they are experiencing the world He made. They come alive and feel close to God when they are out among nature, observing and enjoying the beauty of God’s creation.

3. Intellectual Pathway

People with intellectual pathway draw closer to God as they learn more about Him. They are thinkers. They love reading literature or theological books. They enjoy listening to sermons. They feel closer to God more when they understand deeply complex Bible passages or theological ideas.

4. Musical Worship

Pathway People with musical worship pathway feel incredibly close to God through music. They really connect with God when they are singing or losing themselves in worship songs. They often have worship music playing in their homes or cars because this is how they connect with God.

5. Relational Pathway

People with relational pathway enjoy interacting with others and find deep sense of God’s presence when they’re involved in significant relationships. It helps them to connect with God when they study the scriptures with a group of people or when they spend quality time in community of fellow believers.

6. Serving Pathway

People with serving pathway experience God’s presence the most when they’re involved in serving God and His people. They connect with God the most when they make themselves available to be used by God as an instrument for His work. They find volunteering and being involved in the mission of the church to be a deeply spiritual experience.

7. Social Responsibility Pathway

People with social responsibility pathway feel closest to God when they serve in causes that they are passionate about. They connect with God the most when they demonstrate God’s love to others by taking care of those who are vulnerable and in need.

We hope that as you explore and engage in each of the Pathway, you will be able to discover and identify how you connect with God the most.

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